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of employees will embrace a flexible workstyle


of employees will embrace a flexible workstyle


Expect to be in the office 10 days or less each month

The office isn't dead, it's evolving

There is a great debate around the world on the future of office spaces.

From a more flexible working style to reducing commute times & expenses, many benefits are gained from remote working. But there is still massive value in dedicated office space: the company culture, easier collaboration and communication, and personal support, for example.

How do you reimagine your workspace to optimize the use of your existing office or establish a new office while mitigating a lot of the risks?

Reimagine your workplace
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The workplace landscape is changing.

It’s time to optimize your new or existing office with a Flexhub™ franchise all-in-one solution:

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Partnership Evaluation

We’ll get a clear understanding of your goals and expectations to determine if your business culture is conducive to a thriving Flexhub™ community.

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Everyone is in alignment, your community is approved, it’s time to get started. Our detailed plan will give you the resources, training, and support you need to get out of the gate quickly.

Your Success is Our Success

We will be there to support and advise you throughout the entire process. Our in-person site visits, continued education, and mastermind training will keep you on track and prepared for what’s next.

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Behind the Flexhub

As the owners of a growing marketing agency, we struggled to find a professional space large enough for our team to grow, but affordable enough that it didn’t break the bank. So we created a collaborative space in our office and opened up memberships to local businesses in the area. 

We had no idea the positive impact this idea would have on our business. Now we are sharing what we learned so that we can help grow strong, sustainable businesses in every community.

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Additional Revenue to Existing Business

Months to Profitability


Whether you are looking to lease or purchase your first office, or you have an existing office & need to optimize that space now that staff is occasionally working at home, Flexhub™ is the solution. We’ll work with you to design an innovative space for your team to thrive while collaborating with other community professionals striving to do the same.

It’s time to take a fresh look at your business and turn your office into an asset.

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