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As the owners of a growing marketing agency we struggled to find the right time to jump into an office, and out of our basement. We wanted a polished and professional space that was flexible, fostered growth, provided a sense of community and helped our bottom line. But we had questions.

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Could the business survive the extra expense of a new mortgage?

Would employees use the space often enough to justify the cost?

Would a physical office help us level up the types of clients we work with?

We needed to find a way to mitigate our risk and think of our office differently. So we did! We started to visualize our office as a community hub. A place where businesses could share resources and grow together.

Why couldn’t we share our big corner office with the local bookkeeper every other Tuesday, or let the sales team of a solar company use our conference room when we didn’t need it. We started to treat our office as a resource and that’s where things really started to take shape.

We had no idea of the immediate impact a community coworking space would have on our business. We were able to satisfy the work from home model our employees had grown to love while creating a central hub of creativity & culture. Our expenses were subsidized, profits grew, and we forged meaningful roots in the community.

We knew we had something special; a valuable business opportunity that could & should be shared. We got to work & Flexhub™ was born.

The Team

Jenna Baggs


Jenna is the backbone of our operations team, she makes sure everything is running smoothly and that franchisees are prepared, informed, and inspired.

Chris Duhaime


Chris is the front man, if you haven’t met Chris yet you are missing out! With his design background he is the perfect solution for all things marketing.

Jade Duhaime


Jade is our behind the scenes brains with the connections that give us the best resources to offer our franchisees.

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