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is designed with the busy business owner in mind

We know you are busy. The to-do list never ends, and sometimes it feels like you are running in place. We get it. The last thing we want to do is add more to your plate.

By integrating the right technologies, streamlining the processes, and crafting a proven marketing strategy, we’ve taken all of the guesswork out of building a thriving community right in your office.

Office Layout Optimization

Optimizing the layout of your office is the foundation for the success of your community. We’ll help you analyze your market and determine the amenities & packages that best resonate with your members. We’ll give you the tools to boost profits, maximize efficiency, & capitalize on every square inch of your office, from open-concept shared space to private offices & conference rooms.

Employee Efficiency
No New Hires!

We designed the Flexhub™ model to operate with your existing staff. Day-to-day activities are streamlined to work with your existing business. We’ll provide the processes you’ll need to cross-train your team and optimize productivity.

Brand Collateral and Website

We’ve carefully crafted the Flexhub ™  brand to check all of the boxes; modern, impactful, and functional. We’ve done the legwork to ensure that you hit the market armed with a clean, professional brand identity. Each community will get space on the Flexhub ™ corporate page. That will allow individual communities to customize packages, events, and offerings that best align with their local vibe.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine visibility is crucial to the success of your community. Having built Flexhub™ around our marketing agency, much of our success is directly related to our understanding & expertise in search engine marketing. We want you to experience all of these great benefits; we know the right buttons to push and levers to pull to ensure that your community can get the visibility it needs to capitalize on local prospects quickly.

Social Media & Digital Marketing Graphics & collateral

Creating graphics & content can feel overwhelming & time-consuming. We understand that your time is best spent growing your community and driving new membership, not sitting in front of the computer developing posts or stories for social media. That’s why our team has worked so hard to develop a database of graphics, templates, and assets you can customize and share seamlessly…all while maintaining a polished and cohesive look across all platforms.

Networking Strategies

We love networking! It’s been a key pillar of our success from day one. We will help you identify and select the best community partners to network with and give you the proven elevator pitches and presentations necessary to tell your story cohesively. Having a clear voice will give you the confidence to deliver a meaningful message and open up endless opportunities for you and your community.

Speaker events and Education

While working with us, you’ll find one consistent theme throughout everything we do….provide value whenever possible. Events are another example of how you can provide additional value to your members and reap the rewards of your generosity. We’ll help you design educational and networking events that highlight your members while creating buzz and visibility around your community.

Membership & booking software

Automation will be critical to your community’s success. We’ve spent the time, money, & resources vetting the dozens of software integrations in the industry, so you don’t have to. Our hand-selected technology partners will eliminate stress, mitigate mistakes and provide a resistance-free path for your prospects to purchase memberships & your members to book office and conference time. A user-friendly experience and amenable options will make everyone’s life easier.

QuickBooks integration & direct deposits

We’ve made getting paid as streamlined as possible. Memberships can be purchased and processed directly in the software while payments hit your bank account the next day. The integration with Quickbooks makes tracking and bookkeeping simple and pain-free for your accountant. There are many payment processing options available please reach out for specific details.

Comprehensive List of Processes & Procedures

Let’s face it, things rarely go as planned without a defined process. Built with your existing business in mind, our step-by-step procedures manual give clear and organized processes that can easily be learned and implemented by anyone in your office from day one.

Legal Documentation

You’re probably not a legal expert. Neither are we! That’s why we’ve assembled a team of legal professionals to help us put together a solid legal packet for all of our Flexhub™ communities. From business filing protocols with the state, to membership legalese, leasing agreements, and everything in between. We’ve got the documentation needed to keep you protected.

Ongoing Support & Community Forum

Ready, Set, Go! Now what? Don’t worry, we worked hard to set you up for success, & we don’t stop there. We provide every franchisee with ongoing training, support, and a problem solving. Honestly, sometimes as business owners, we know there is great value in just knowing we aren’t alone. And as a part of the Flexhub™ owners community, you never will be!

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